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EASTs 2018

Last weekend EXARN hosted the first Experimental Archaeology Student Symposium (EASTs) at Newcastle University.

What a success! All speakers were very impressive and of a high quality. Their papers ranged from glass knapping to charcoal production and iron smelting experiments. Theory, practice and reflection provided interesting thought on experimental outcomes, objects biographies and interpretations. We would like to thank our speakers for helping to create such an interesting and engaging event.


We couldn’t have asked for a better conference and we a pleased for it to be continued next year at Sheffield University. We are so excited!

We also received some brilliant feedback from Dr Chloe Duckworth; we are confident the success of EASTs will continue for years to come.


The conference excursion continued the successful event. It was so much fun! We spent the day at Jarrow Hall Anglo-Saxon Farm and Bede Museum where EXARN have carried out a number of out smelting experiments. One of our speakers, John Pripani, held a glass knapping workshop for us. He taught us to use the base of glass bottles to fashion a barbed and tanged arrowhead using traditional Bronze Age flint knapping techniques, such as pressure flaking.

The whole group successful learnt the knapping and pressure flaking techniques resulting in a knapped glass arrowhead for each one of us. Many of us had previously found flint knapping very difficult. But, with John’s guidance, we were able to understand how the material flaked and the types of pressure and motions needed to remove flakes. We learnt that we could practice on so many different materials which reacted in the same way as flint, including glass and toilet ceramic piping. Many of us are now sourcing materials to continue to build on the skills that John helped us develop during this workshop.

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