Blow Pipes: Copper Smelting Experiment Preparation

In preparation for our forthcoming copper smelting experiment we have been collecting reeds to use for blow pipes.

Blow pipes were used to send air into the furnace to increase the temperature and keep the fire burning. It is through natural materials, such as reeds, were used for this purpose.

Many aspects of experimental archaeology are really fun. Victoria and Marco recently collected the reeds for this part of the experiment. Wading through knee deep water to find the best reeds.

Perhaps you will see them in use at Jarrow Hall. Our experiments will be taking place between 21st and 27th July. We will also have a free public lecture at Jarrow Hall on Saturday 28th, more info to follow.



Copper Smelting Experiments

We will soon begin the exciting Copper Smelting Experiments at Jarrow Hall, Tyne and Wear.

Starting on Tuesday 17th we the experiment will begin with the building of the furnaces and roasting of the Chalcopyrite (a yellow crystalline mineral consisting of a sulphide of copper and iron. It is the principal ore of copper).

These first stages of the experiment will take an entire week in order for the furnaces to dry, through a gentle firing.

We aim to begin smelting on Saturday 21st July until Friday  27th, between 8.30 and 17.00. We encourage the public to visit us during the experiment to learn about the process of experimental archaeology and Bronze Age copper smelting.

On Saturday 28th we will also hold a free public lecture at Jarrow Hall about the experiments which we encourage all to attend.

We look forward to meeting many of you there!


The EXARN Team 🙂



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